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Every day in Zambia, where the average life expectancy is only 53 years (male: 51.1 years, female: 54.4 years), and where obtaining basic life necessities is often a struggle between life and death, almost half the citizens of all ages suffer from illiteracy. This invisible and debilitating social illness puts them at great risk for disease, abuse, injury, exploitation and lost opportunities. Those who suffer most are the mothers and girl children, the current and future mothers and educators of the nation, resulting in a devastating national developmental crisis. The nearest school to the villages we serve is 10 kilometers and must be walked. The few children who are able to walk the distance average 10 years of age when they begin first grade and average age 17 when they complete Primary. This can causes disillusionment, low self- esteem, and creates a lack of motivation to continue their education.
Make a difference by

Giving Zambian villagers a chance!

We need help to
Build central water systems and schools in rural Zambian villages.
Teach children to read and write in their own native language.
Reduce the average age a child can start school from 10 years to 5 years.
Bridge the gap in education especially for the girl-child.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to establish exemplary holistic community development programs which will serve to enrich the lives of all participants and associates by empowering them through proper quality education. Through our programs, participants will develop the vital skills needed for success with the potential to create a fulfilling life for themselves, their families, and their communities. They will also be able to prepare themselves and others to attain success in an ever advancing civilization. We are resolute in our commitment to the education of the girl child and women as they will receive primacy in all our programs. Together we will strive to eradicate the causes of poverty and related social ills.

We are seeking funding to build our first classroom building. We were able to build a solar-powered deep well which has proven to be invaluable, due especially to the droughts in Zambia. We seek your assistance in obtaining the necessary funding which will enable us to attain our goals. Utmost thanks for any support that you are able to offer us.

In His service,

William Varner, Founder and C.E.O.

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It is your kindness, generosity and support that enable us to make real progress with participants of all ages, and restore hope and fulfill visions and goals in the Central Province of Zambia’s most disadvantaged village communities.

Upcoming Events

Sept 22 - A Taste Of Africa: For the Advancement of Women and Girls

Our event is welcome to all. It is a night of culture to be enjoyed by the Atlanta community which is currently home to the largest Zambian population anywhere outside of Zambia. Guests will enjoy a night of fun including authentic Zambian food, music, entertainment, and fashion. There will also be a silent auction with a mix of African and local art and goods.

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